INDIA : "Mission Amrit Hastam" was Born with the Dream of Helping the Zero Habitats.


   While many people in the society are still living without food, many people are living on the railway lines and roads.  The government's food schemes have not reached all parts of the society.  Many paralyzed people do not even have the opportunity to take advantage of the government's food schemes.  Therefore, the "Mission Amruta (Amrit) Hastam" program, organized by the International People's Enhancement Organization Chinmaya Foundation, was born in the NAAM MANDIR (name temple) in Baruneshwar Khetra of ​​Binjharpur block of Jajpur district of Odisha state with the dream of providing food to the hungry stomach , Clothes to the open body with Support to the Zero Habitats .  The  Kosthi Bichara of Missions birth  was presided over by  Founding Chairman of the Foundation Mr. Chinmaya Dash in which Saint Sachchidananda Das Maharaj , Human Rights activist Mr. Gopal Samal,  Artist Dhananjay Mishra, Educationalist  Jitendra Debata, Social Worker Shrikanta Pradhan was attend as the child birth judge. They said about how to be engaged in food selling volunteers service without destroying the rest foods of the wedding, vows, Jaga Yojana & various social functions and to provide financial assistance to zero habitats along with orphans, the elderly, the disabled, the financially disadvantaged of the society. In this purpose the founding Chairperson of the foundation Mr. Chinmaya Dash said that  "Mission Amrit Hastam aims to provide daily use of food and shelter to more than 50,000 Zero Grounders and needy individuals daily through a minimum of one thousand active branches in the near future".