Chinmaya Foundation

Chinmaya Foundation

(Regd. No. 1366/11)

Regd. Office: -   At- Babalpur P.o Nandipur

Via- Dasarathpur Dist. Jajpur

Odisha Pin- 755006

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The CHINMAYA FOUNDATION is a Social Welfare organization of all Bharat (India) Character established in Jajpur District of Odisha State. This organization was recognized as a Social Welfare organization and registered itself on 17th of May 2011 under Indian Trust registration Act 64 of 1908 bearing registration No. 1366/11. The foundation is dedicated to make a development/upliftment of people in rural areas Socio-cultural and literature development and to fulfil the desires of the environment as well as the need of the young men also.

                The foundation has chartered some pointed programmes which are being accelerated through a bond of committed as well as dedicated youth, who have almost missionary Zeal and Spirit. The foundation has organized a mission called as “National Talents Search Mission” in several Districts of States of India. Beside this mission the foundation has also enlarged its branches for all sections of society for development.


Relief camps

The foundation has organized many relief camps at the time of flood, cyclone in the year 2011 till now. It covered Bari, Dasarathpur, Binjharpur, Jajpur Block of jajpur District, and some villages of Auli Block of Kendrapada District as well as some villages of Dham Nagar Block of Bhadrak District.

                We collect funds, clothes, Medicines, food pure drinking water from the people as donation and distribute it among the victims as our duty.


Mobile Sishu sanskar Kendra


To develop a cultural look age among the children, the Mobile Sishu Sanskar renders are being conducted in some epithets of Odisha state. Sarba-Dharma parthana, value education is also imparted through song and story telling. the celebration of sishu Divas (Children’s Day)  Guru Divas (Teacher’s Day) Raja Mahoshhav, Republic day, independence day, etc. for development of culture among children.

                The foundation is also organized various activities through this programme. It organizes competitions relating to the culture to setup with an emotion of patriotism among the children to develop their mentality of nationalism and patriotism for future generation to built our country a strong as well as prosperous nation.


                The foundation is also attempting to bring our old traditions back again through reform. It tries to formulate a platform for the young Men to built a society with full of reformed traditions and cultures in it. The foundation has been trying to give a shape movement to Odia literature and culture with propagation through various activities. It aims pollution free environment, social disadvantages out back.  Public awareness and corruption free society.

                The foundation has targeted the Youngman of this content. Their talents can be the key factor for the dedication to society because the Youngman can do the task with proper intention and feeling. So we are expecting from the young man a strong Nation to build through the proper channel.


                The organization is being interested to bring the talents from the society those who were not in the main stream. So it organized various activities take cultural competitions in School and colleges, public awareness through street play. That will create an atmosphere for the new comers to being interested to come into front. Previous years   the foundation has recognized 1275 (one thousand two hundred seventy five) candidates are the stage. It has aimed to bring all the talents from the back stage.


                The foundation was formulated a forum for the children in the age group between 4to 17 to make them physically, mentally, socially, culturally and emotionally fit to be a new and strong generation in the future. So the foundation has formulated Asha Akash club, a State level children’s organization to conduct various activities like dance, song, debate, vocational training etc for the children as its duty. To coordinate one sister (ASHA APA) with one brother (AKASH BHAI) this club has developed many plans & projects.      


The foundation is also interested to pick out the talents from the children & guide them in proper channel. So it sets up an organization named Academy of Art & culture as a step for the welfare of the children & their talent. The organization is working out at the root level for the children in talents in the field of Dance, Song, Acting, painting, & other cultural activities in the affiliation with Lalita Kala academy Dpt. Of culture govt. of Odisha. 


The foundation is keenly realizing the key of environment for the human being. So it tries to protect the environment from destruction. A forum was formed to work out in this direction which is named as National Eco organization (BANANEE).It tries to plant more & more trees every year through the help of schools, colleges, clubs, cultural organizations & private/public related institutions to keep the environment clean & green. It is also working to create public awareness to create eco friendly atmosphere in the society through the slogan “SAVE ENVIRONMENT & SAVE PEOPLE”.  


                The foundation is working to enlarge the Indian culture & tradition. So it is celebrating the different festivals namely Basanta Mahotshav (Spring Festival) Raja Mahotashav, Barsa Asara (Rain Festival) Sarat Mahotashav (Autumn Festival) and Grishma Mohatashav (Summer Festival) beside these traditions the foundation is continuing with the Bana Mohatashav, Dhanu Festival, State level youth festival etc to bring the traditions back again in the society.


                To pick out and develop the education environment the trust has established a library and Museum named RAMASUNDARI DASH MEMOERIAL LIBRARY AND MUSEUM there are placed 500


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