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A national Social Welfare non government people’s Organization CHINMAYA FOUNDATION of BabalPur,NandiPur,Jaj Pur of Odisha DX State in BHARAT & it’s one part of the project Dolphin Dance School & Group of MangalPur in Odisha are playing a key role to enlighten the public and disseminate awareness of COVID-19 through various Street plays & awareness cultural programs along with folk culture and traditional way to prevent Corona Pandemic situation.

As a part of THE CHINMAYA FOUNDATION responsibility to care for the community at large, they distributed dry foods, vegetables, face masks, sanitisers, Hand gloves, Dettol's, polyethene, Dresses, meals for poor, needy people also reach out foods items to birds, animals and some mentally disorder people, handicapped and beggars at many places according to Indian culture & tradition for well-being and upliftment of society during this COVID-19 pandemic.
The CHINMAYA FOUNDATION has been creating public awareness on different situations and many issues. Now this organisation performed it’s awareness and relief programs across the centenary days. Today that is one hundred & thirty six days.
The foundation awaking to people haw to escape from CORONA VIRUS to showing various Street plays and drama, Daskathia, Pala, village Songs etc.& other Falk culture.
Today the organization has organised a awareness program-cum-preparatory meeting at MangalPur, JAJPUR DISTRICT of ODISHA with the presence of Mr. Chinmaya Dash the National Chairperson of Chinmaya Foundation, Subhasish R Tripathy the President of RR Club and Dancer-cum-Social worker Master Mihir Kumar the Director of Dolphin Dance School & Group, Social worker-cum-Singer Sri. Situ Prakash Nayak of Jajpur & other members of that organisation with the cooperation of local people’s as well as local leaders and social workers.
That awareness program will be continued till the end of COVID-19 with the support of common peoples as well as local leaders & social workers of that organization.